AFSCME Essential Workers Deserve to Get Paid Now!!

Since the adoption of our new collective bargaining agreement, the Essential Worker meet and confer team has met multiple times to discuss strategy on how to proceed with negotiations. First, a request for information was submitted in December of 2021. Then, an initial demand letter to bargain was sent out in January 2022. We had our first bargaining session with the State on February 22nd, 2022. However, due to California State Guidelines not being established, there was not much progress made. A follow up request letter for information was submitted in March 2022.  After that letter was submitted, it was decided that a follow up demand to bargain letter with a deadline was the appropriate next step (click link to view letter). The meet and confer team is exploring all options that will continue to put pressure on Cal HR and the Governor’s office, including but not limited to strategizing with AFSCME Statewide Political Director and meeting with other AFSCME locals and chapters.

AFSCME’s position is that all Bargaining Unit 19 classifications shall receive the Essential worker pay/bonus and that the State retroactively pay Essential Worker pay bonuses back to when the pandemic first began, which is in line with what some city and county employees throughout the State have already received. AFSCME members should be on the lookout for eblast updates and possible surveys as we get further along in this process.

Please email to update your email address or reach out with any questions or comments.

Essential Worker Meet and Confer Team:

Daniel Lastinger
Doris Oberlander
Kenjie Nwosu
Renee Williams
Amir Jafarinejad
Juan Vazquez, Business Agent, Chief Spokesperson

4 Replies to “AFSCME Essential Workers Deserve to Get Paid Now!!”

  1. We heard there might be a 15% emergency pay raise because of retention problem. Is there any truth to that?

    1. That is a good question, and I don’t have an answer for it. I have not heard anything about a 15% emergency pay raise but given that we are having a difficult time negotiating the covid money with the state, I think any kind of other pay raise is unlikely. You can direct your question to for more information. Thank you! -Ali

    1. Not as of today, but please be on the lookout for eblasts as the meet & confer team gets further along in the process.

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