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CORRECTION: RT Task Force Focused Outreach is now complete!

A correction has been made on the RT Task Force Focused Outreach flyer.
The classification of Physician Assistants is not a part of the hourly vs. exempt discussion and they will not be issued ballots. The corrected flyer is attached. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your understanding!
The RT Task Force Focused Outreach Committee

The RT Task Force Focused Outreach Committee (TFFOC) has officially completed our task and have decided to refer the official voting to the Local’s Elections Committee.
The RT TFFOC wishes to thank everyone who has updated their contact information. Through your responses, we have brought further awareness regarding the hourly vs. salary information to the affected classifications. We have updated the attached documents, based on your previous feedback, and thus are including them again. If you know of anyone within the affected classification that did not receive this e-blast, it means we do not have their updated information and they may not have the opportunity to vote. Please have them contact the Burbank office via telephone (800) 698-6553 or via e-mail at to provide their updated contact information.
The intent of the RT TFFOC is to provide facts and information. The RT TFFOC wishes in no way to influence anyone’s decision in the upcoming vote. Stay tuned for the next e-blast from the Elections Committee, as it will have dates and timelines for the vote.
RT Task Force Focused Outreach Committee members:
Marilynn Romero, Co-Chair
Mohammed Farha, Co-Chair
Wanda Wullschleger, RT Occupational Committee Chair
Rene Eller, Member
Cathy Sapata, Member
Miriam Wedemeyer, Member
Paula Crist, Member
William Schwarz, Member
Abdul Johnson, AFSCME Local 2620 President
Cliff Leo Tillman, Jr., Staff
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