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DOR/AFSCME Student Services Meeting

AFSCME Council 57, Local 2620 met with DOR Labor Management on January 17, 2019 in Sacramento to follow up on the Issues/Concerns of the new Student Service Program.

The Meet and Confer team want to first thank all who responded to our short survey sent in early January. Your input was incredibly helpful and directed our discussion at the table.

The State confirmed that the Student Services Program met the 15% requirement that was mandated. Thankfully, there won’t be a need to return the money to Federal Government. The goal for the remainder of the year is to serve 18,000 youth between the ages of (16-21) by June. DOR is currently on target to achieve that goal, having currently served 8500 PE cases. They identified that the quantity of the federal requirement is being met, but the goal now is to enhance the quality of services being provided as the program is not ending and will be a part of DOR services.

DOR acknowledged our survey responses and were glad to hear your full honest input about the program. The department stated that they are looking at ways to help support staff who have been impacted by the transition.

Some of the ways the state is looking at supporting staff are with:

  • Innovations to AWARE
  • Streamline process to eliminate excessive data entry
  • Enhanced telework/telecommute process
  • Develop a committee that will review the impact the program has had on counselors and try to identify resolutions
  • Looking at caseload sizes and working with Managers to equalize cases for Counselors

Meet and Confer Team

Denise Dorsey, Occupational Chair                                       Julissa Barton, Steward

Tisha Hill-Smith, Steward                                   Cliff Leo Tillman, Jr., Senior Business Agent

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