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Elected Position Changes

This notice shall serve as official notification to the members of AFSCME Local 2620 of recent changes to officer positions.
Please be advised that the following AFSCME Local 2620 Officers have resigned.
Cynthia Brannon – Secretary
Dalia Banda-Davis – Treasurer
During the Executive Officer’s Board Meeting on Saturday, May 19th, 2018, a vote was held and by more than a ⅔ majority vote, the following members were duly elected as replacements to the aforementioned positions as of 1:15 on Saturday, May 19, 2018.
Mona Mosk – Secretary
Yok Choi – Treasurer
The Elections Committee would like to congratulate Mona Mosk & Yok Choi on their new positions.
If anyone has questions regarding the elections process, outcomes, or procedures, please contact the Elections committee directly:
In Unity,
Your Elections Committee:
Lenaea Sanders, Chair, Northern Region
Rene` Eller, Central Region
Foresteen Forbes, Southern Region
Cathy Sapata, Northern Region
Dan Duru, Central Region
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