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Exciting Announcement

We would like to inform you of the (re)creation of the

The mission of this committee is to:
Improve morale and camaraderie through social events, appreciation and recognition of excellence, and supporting members through tough times.
The individuals involved in supporting the welfare and promoting the good are:
Chair- Cindy Ihm
Member- Kristen Annastasia
Member- Matt Tidd
Member- Wanda Wullschleger
Member- Gina Rambeau
Our first order of business as a committee (which was very fitting) was to visit Senior Business Agent Cliff Leo Tillman, Jr. in the hospital during his recent health scare.

We will be recognizing a member every month.
If there is someone who you would like to nominate for "Member of the Month" for going above and beyond, please email us at
Please provide examples of how the nominee demonstrates outstanding dedication, service and commitment, and/or promotes teamwork and inspires others.
If there is someone going through a tough time who could use a little support from their fellow Brothers and Sisters, please email us at
We look forward to serving you in this new capacity. If you have any other ideas and/or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

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