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An administrative decision to place Behavioral Health Reintegration (BHR)/formerly Parole Outpatient Clinic (POC) is how this program within CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation(CDCR) was placed on the cutting board. Efforts by Local 2620 Steward and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Demetria Saunders along with Kim Carter-Martinez, Political and Legislative Director, have not gone unnoticed. The nonstop campaign to advocate against the defunding proposal has been supported by well over 40 clinicians and appears to be gaining attention.

There are close to 100 clinicians within the Behavioral Health Reintegration program. Their program within CDCR faces uncertainty as the members testify is hearings via teleconference with various members of the Budget Committee to express to them the importance of keeping their program funded.

A pivotal step is to speak with the governors office in order to educate and express professionally and respectfully the impact of the decision to defund the program.  Many decisions are suggested without a plan on how to address the windfall of failure for parolees and the vital resources this program provides. Impacted clinicians led by Demetria Saunders, are motivated and ready to keep this momentum moving in order to right this wrong.

How can you help? By using the information below, show your support without ceasing until the vote reflects a change in course for one of the most vital programs within CDCR.

Below you will find a list of the Assembly Budget Committee members names and numbers. I am requesting if you see YOUR perspective Assembly person on the list PLEASE call/email them and request a meeting. If they agree you can inform or for scheduling support.

If you don’t see your Assembly person listed PLEASE still contact your Assembly person and you can also request a meeting.

Who we ALL need to contact by phone and email is the Governor’s office to request a meeting.

Assembly Budget Committee

Assembly-member Phil Ting 916-319-2019

Assembly-member Jay Obernolte 916-319-2019

Assembly-member Dr. Joaquin Arumbula 916-319-2033

Assembly-member Richard Bloom 916-319-2050

Assembly-member Bill Brough 916-319-2073

Assembly-member David Chiu 916-319-2017

Assembly-member Jim Cooper 916-319-2009

Assembly-member Vince Fong 916-319-2034

Assembly-member Jim Frazier 916-319-2011

Assembly-member James Gallagher 916-319-2003

Assembly-member Cristina Garcia 916-319-2058

Assembly-member Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer Sr. 916-319-2059

Assembly-member Kevin Kiley 916-319-2006

Assembly-member Tom Lackey 916-319-2036

Assembly-member Monique Limon 916-319-2037

Assembly-member Devon Mathis 916-319-2026

Assembly-member Kevin McCarty 916-309-2007

Assembly-member Jose Medina 916-319-2061

Assembly-member Kevin Mullin 916-319-2061

Assembly-member Al Muraysuchi 916-319-2066

Assembly-member Adrin Nazarian 916-319-2046

Assembly-member Patrick O’Donnell 916-319-2070

Assembly-member Jim Patterson 916-319-2023

Assembly-member James C Ramos 916-319-2040

Assembly-member Eloise Gomez Reyes 916-319-2047

Assembly-member Luz M. Rivas 916-319-2039

Assembly-member Blanca E. Rubio 916-319-2048

Assembly-member Mark Stone 916-319-2029

Assembly-member Shirley N. Weber 916-319-2079

Assembly-member Buffy Wicks 916-319-2015

Assembly-member Jim Wood 916-319-2002 and districts/legislators/your_legislator.html


Please call the Governor’s office and ask them to meet with us to discuss the CDCR cuts and why they will have disastrous outcomes. We have already sent a letter and also requested to meet. The number is 916-445-2841 AND send comment

POC/ISMIP/Phone Bank/Email Script

“Hello. My name is __________. I am a _______________ in the _____________program. I have worked for _______________for a total of _____________ years. I live in I am calling/writing to ask you to oppose the closure and moving to county control of the Parolee Outpatient Clinic, and the Integrated Services for Mentally Ill Parolee programs. These programs are vital to serving a population that desperately need resources, and help maneuvering life after prison. Please consider alternatives to closing these state-run programs. The outcomes could be dangerous or adverse effects. Thank you for your consideration.

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