Regional Chief Steward Runoff Election Results

Official Runoff Ballot Results

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

Local 2620


Notice of October 29, 2018 Final Election Results for the following:

Regional Chief Stewards Runoff


The results are certified as follows:

 Region III

Chelsea Harris 42 (duly elected)
Georgeta Tanase 17

59 ballots were received.


Region VI

Alice Juarez 25
David Tepperman 30 (duly elected)

55 ballots were received.


Region VIII

Belinda Gilmer *27
*Mark Herrera *27
No Vote   1
Voted for both candidates   1

56 ballots were received.


*Candidate Mark Herrera has notified the Elections Committee, he no longer wishes to run for the position of Region VIII Chief Steward. Therefore, Belinda Gilmer is duly elected.


October 30, 2018


The Elections Committee:

/s/ Lenaea Sanders, Chair, Northern Region

Rene Eller, Central Region

/s/ Foresteen Forbes, Southern Region

Cathy Sapata, Northern Region