Decision to 3-31-23 Election Protest

The Elections Committee received a formal protest on March 31, 2023, alleging that Tisha Hill- Smith
is ineligible to hold Chief Steward for Region VI. In addition, the protest asked for confirmation that
the incumbent resigned her position in advance of accepting her nomination. The committee
reviewed the evidence and has determined that the seat of Chief Steward for Region VI shall be

The committee came to this decision based upon the following:

1. The election committee has confirmed that Ms. Hill-Smith resigned her position as a
member of the election committee on or about March 27th, 2023.

2. According to current records Tisha Hill-Smith’s work location is outside of the region she has
been appointed to.

Current records show that Ms. Hill-Smith works at the Department of Rehabilitation in
Stockton. This work location is outside of region VI which encompasses the Central Valley
(Merced to Tehachapi). This is defined in Article IX, Sections 1 and 2. The nomination that was
received for this position was confirmed to be outside of the region therefore, her
appointment to the office was found to be invalid.


Wanda Wullschleger
Elections Committee Chair- AFSCME Local 2620
CC: AFSCME Local 2620 Elections Committee

Official correspondence was sent out to the membership via eblast on Monday, May 1, 2023. The content of this memo can be viewed in full as a pdf file here: Bowsher, Kathleen – 4-29-2023 Protest Decision