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“Why am I choosing to stick with my Local during this crisis?” Victor Pacheco

During these times, one may ask themselves,

“Why am I choosing to stick with my Local during this crisis?”

Our board members were asked recently. Their answers will be shared on the front page and news feed this month.

In dealing with supervisors, managers, the state and bureaucracy in general, going up against them as an individual seems to be a David vs. Goliath proposition.  Having AFSCME behind me, my voice is stronger and better heard than just me. I’m bigger against the machine with AFSCME behind me.

I was on the call this afternoon to give a minute of testimony against the POC and DJJ closures.  I could not have done that without AFSCME as a citizen, but it’s through AFSCME that our lobbyist helped to facilitate an organized call with many POC clinicians.  Tomorrow, there’s a hearing on non-punitive terminations.  Again, as an individual, you can listen and provide your testimony to the legislators.  But you’d be unlikely to follow through.  We are stronger as an organization than as individuals.

Speaking (my) truth to power is a challenge and many psychologists I know fear retaliation for speaking up.  I don’t.  That may be because I have AFSCME behind me.  I’m a better state employee as a result of the union.

Victor Pacheco, Psy.D.
CMF Psychologist
State Psychologist Occupational Committee (SPOC) Chair
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