The ballots were mailed, your votes were counted and the results are in!

Thank you to all Recreation and Rehabilitation Therapists who voted in the recent Salary (exempt) vs. Hourly (non-exempt) vote.
On Friday, November 10, 2017, the votes were counted by the Election Committee, which was tasked to run the vote for the RT Task Force Outreach Committee.
The count was conducted and the results were as follows: 511 ballots were mailed out and 267 were returned. Eight envelopes were invalidated, and one ballot was invalidated for a total of 258 valid votes. The tally was 130 votes to remain Hourly (Non-exempt) and 128 votes to become Salary (Exempt) employees.
This vote indicates no changes will be made and the classification of Recreation and Rehabilitation Therapists will remain Hourly (non-exempt).
The RT Task Force Outreach Committee and the Election Committee are grateful to all who made their voices heard and participated in this democratic process.
The Election Committee