Bargaining Update: Going Back to the Negotiating Table on Dec. 7

As most of you are aware, AFSCME Local 2620 is still in Contract negotiations with the State of California.
We broke off negotiations in early August after the State provided us with what we consider an unacceptable four year agreement. This agreement would have granted a 9.5% increase, minus 3% that our members have to pay for the Governor’s pre-funded medical retirement plan. This would result in a 6.5% increase over four years.
We go back to the negotiating table on December 7 & 8. We are not alone. Currently, five unions are still without a new collective bargaining agreement. Our hope is that the State will move towards a more equitable agreement for our members.
SEIU Local 1000 has declared a strike for Monday, December 5. While AFSCME is still in bargaining and not on strike, we want to make it clear that public workers have a right to strike as a fundamental right. We know that departments are issuing memos which are causing confusion and misunderstandings. We expect individuals to follow the policies and procedures within the State and their collective bargaining agreement. However, we want to make it clear that individuals have a right, on their own time, to do what they feel is right for them.
We will update members after our December 7 & 8 bargaining session with the State of California.