Elections Nominees Corrections/Updates

**Please see highlighted below for corrections made to the list of nominees for the 2022 General Elections**

Thank you to everyone who participated in the call for nominations.
Your candidates for the 2022 General Election are:

Eric Young
Tisha Hill-Smith
Shukimba Carlis
Brandi Brooks

Northern Vice-President
Joseph Di Benedetto
Adriel Reyes
William Foreman

Southern Vice-President
Wanda Wullschleger
Sonia Ruiz

Kareene Alprecht
Armanda Pruitt
Marquis Gardner

Sofia Herrera
Bonnie Thomas

Chaplains Occupational Chair
Xochilt Martinez
B.B. Brown

Physical Medicine Occupational Chair
Hassan Juma-Ramadhan
Armenta Tiggs-Brown

Rehabilitation Therapists Occupational Chair
Chelsea Harris
Denise Nicks

Social Workers Occupational Chair
*Removed Amy Kim from list*
Barbara Perry
Eric Hernandez
Felipe Valencia

Region III (Sacramento/Stockton) Chief Steward
Daniel Lastinger
Monica Kroenlein

Region V (Bay Area) Chief Steward
Patrick Barnes
Sarah DeWeese

Region VII (Central Coast) Chief Steward
Sherri Tanferani
Sharon Sindel

Region X (San Diego/Imperial) Chief Steward
Samira Jones
Katie Franco
Cheryl Kidd

Metropolitan Chief Steward
Leticia Tshipamba
Chrisian Jackson

Patton Chief Steward
Marla Berry
Darrel Charbaszcz

The unopposed and hereby elected positions are:

Dietitian/Nutritionist Occupational Chair
Angela Dawson

Pharmacists Occupational Chair
Solmaz Naghsh

State Psychologists Occupational Chair
Yok Choi

Vocational Rehabilitation Occupational Chair
*Removed Renee Williams; this position is now unopposed*
Maria Rodriguez

Region VI (Central Valley) Chief Steward
Kalpana Singh

Region II (Shasta) Chief Steward
Cynthia Culp

Region XI (Stockton Area) Chief Steward
Victor Alday

Amir Jafarinejad
Rene Eller
Mireille Castan

Council 57 Delegate
Joseph Di Benedetto
Katie Franco
Yok Choi

A reminder that candidates are allowed one mailing to the membership before the election at the candidate’s expense.

There is a change in the election schedule: the deadline to request a paper ballot has been moved to 9/28/22 to allow more time for processing through the mail.

Please contact help+afscme2620@yeselections.com or call (844) 413-2929 to update your contact information or request a paper ballot.

Election Schedule:

Sept 21, 2022 12AM Elections Open (Paper Ballots Mailed)
Sept 28, 2022 Deadline for Paper Ballot Requests
Oct 11, 2022 9PM Elections Close (Electronic & Paper)
Oct 14, 2022 Results Announced (Run-off Announced If Needed)
Oct 27, 2022 12AM Run-off Elections Open (Paper Ballots Mailed)
Nov 2, 2022 Deadline for Run-off Paper Ballot Requests
Nov 11, 2022 9PM Run-off Elections Close
Nov 15, 2022 Run-off Results Announced

Please direct any questions to the Election Committee at elections@afscmelocal2620.org.