Run-off results and summary of the election 2023-2024

The AFSCME Local 2620, 2023-2024 term Run-off Election concluded as of May 26, 2023 at 4:30pm. Thank you to all the 2620 members who participated.

The results are as follows with the elected in red text and bolded:

Candidates: Martha Mossman (108 votes); Lidia Ramos (55 votes)

Council 57 2620 Delegates
Candidates: Denise Nicks (91 votes); Hassan Juma-Ramadhan (72 votes)

This concludes the AFSCME Local 2620 election results 2023-2024 term.

Martha Mossmann

Richard Taylor
Kareene Alprecht
Bishop Brown
Denise Nicks

Metropolitan State Hospital Facility Chief Steward
 – Richard Taylor

Physician Assistants (PA) Occupational Chair
 – Alexander Welzig
Licensing Program Analyst (LPA) Occupational Chair – Adrian Mangina

Region VIII Los Angeles County Chief Steward
 – Nora Garcia
Region IX Orange/Inland Empire Chief Steward – Marissa Ayala

For general questions about the election and the election process, please contact

Decision to 3-31-23 Election Protest

The Elections Committee received a formal protest on March 31, 2023, alleging that Tisha Hill- Smith
is ineligible to hold Chief Steward for Region VI. In addition, the protest asked for confirmation that
the incumbent resigned her position in advance of accepting her nomination. The committee
reviewed the evidence and has determined that the seat of Chief Steward for Region VI shall be

The committee came to this decision based upon the following:

1. The election committee has confirmed that Ms. Hill-Smith resigned her position as a
member of the election committee on or about March 27th, 2023.

2. According to current records Tisha Hill-Smith’s work location is outside of the region she has
been appointed to.

Current records show that Ms. Hill-Smith works at the Department of Rehabilitation in
Stockton. This work location is outside of region VI which encompasses the Central Valley
(Merced to Tehachapi). This is defined in Article IX, Sections 1 and 2. The nomination that was
received for this position was confirmed to be outside of the region therefore, her
appointment to the office was found to be invalid.


Wanda Wullschleger
Elections Committee Chair- AFSCME Local 2620
CC: AFSCME Local 2620 Elections Committee

Official correspondence was sent out to the membership via eblast on Monday, May 1, 2023. The content of this memo can be viewed in full as a pdf file here: Bowsher, Kathleen – 4-29-2023 Protest Decision

Decision to 3-30-23 Election Protest

The Elections Committee received a protest from Denise Nicks dated March 30, 2023, that reads in full as:

“I am protesting the certified election results that elects anyone to the Physician Assistant Occupational Committee Chair on the basis that no such position exists within Local 2620.

Please do your due diligence and the right thing and look at the constitution and the website to learn that this is an unconstitutional elected position.”

The elections committee rejects the protest for the following reasons:

1. The AFSCME Local2620 Constitution states that the executive board is authorized to appoint additional occupational committees.

Please refer to Article VII, Section I, which states in part, “New Occupational Committees may be formed at the request of members in a given or related work classification(s). Such requests shall be submitted to the executive board for approval.”

2. Secondly, the Executive Board during its meeting held via Zoom on September 17th at 10:00 approved the establishment of the Physician Assistants Occupational Committee, including the appointment of a chair.

The meeting minutes for that date provide evidence of the motion’s approval by roll call vote, with 7 yes votes, 2 no votes and 3 abstentions. The motion was passed. It is important to note that the newly formed committee has received official recognition by AFSCME Local 2620. The current AFSCME Local 2620 constitution will be updated to reflect this change.

The content of this memo can be viewed in full as a pdf file here: Elections Committee-Denise Nicks protest.pdf.

Essential Worker Pay, Rally at the Capitol! – March 17, 2023

The State continues to bargain in bad faith and has rejected our last best and final offer!

AFSCME and the State agreed to begin negotiations for Essential Worker Pay on Tuesday February 22, 2022. Throughout the negotiation process we’ve been disappointed with the State’s lack of empathy and appreciation for our membership.

The meet and confer team has worked diligently to present multiple proposals to the State that were fair and showed our attempt to bargain in good faith. To date, the State has rejected each proposal presented to them.

Throughout this process, AFSCME’s position continued to be that all Bargaining Unit 19 classifications shall receive the Essential Worker pay and that the State retroactively pay Essential Worker pay back to when the pandemic first began. The meet and confer team decided to submit a last best and final offer to the State which included agreeing to the State’s proposal of a one-time $1500 “Health Care Retention payment.” However, our proposal was to provide the one-time payment to all Bargaining Unit 19 members. The State rejected our last best and final offer and they have continued to stand on their last proposal of a one-time $1500 “Health Care Retention Payment,” that would only be provided to those classifications in Correctional Facilities, Correctional Health Facilities, State Hospitals, Veterans Home, and/or Developmental Services Facilities.

At this time, we don’t believe there’s much more that could be done in negotiations, and we must now ask you, our membership, to stand up and take action. We are planning a rally at the Capitol on Friday March 17, 2023 from 10 am – 1 pm to have our voice heard and to send a powerful message to the State that we will not back down!

For those interested in participating in the rally, please click here and complete this form or scan the QR code below.

Elections Nominees Corrections/Updates

**Please see highlighted below for corrections made to the list of nominees for the 2022 General Elections**

Thank you to everyone who participated in the call for nominations.
Your candidates for the 2022 General Election are:

Eric Young
Tisha Hill-Smith
Shukimba Carlis
Brandi Brooks

Northern Vice-President
Joseph Di Benedetto
Adriel Reyes
William Foreman

Southern Vice-President
Wanda Wullschleger
Sonia Ruiz

Kareene Alprecht
Armanda Pruitt
Marquis Gardner

Sofia Herrera
Bonnie Thomas

Chaplains Occupational Chair
Xochilt Martinez
B.B. Brown

Physical Medicine Occupational Chair
Hassan Juma-Ramadhan
Armenta Tiggs-Brown

Rehabilitation Therapists Occupational Chair
Chelsea Harris
Denise Nicks

Social Workers Occupational Chair
*Removed Amy Kim from list*
Barbara Perry
Eric Hernandez
Felipe Valencia

Region III (Sacramento/Stockton) Chief Steward
Daniel Lastinger
Monica Kroenlein

Region V (Bay Area) Chief Steward
Patrick Barnes
Sarah DeWeese

Region VII (Central Coast) Chief Steward
Sherri Tanferani
Sharon Sindel

Region X (San Diego/Imperial) Chief Steward
Samira Jones
Katie Franco
Cheryl Kidd

Metropolitan Chief Steward
Leticia Tshipamba
Chrisian Jackson

Patton Chief Steward
Marla Berry
Darrel Charbaszcz

The unopposed and hereby elected positions are:

Dietitian/Nutritionist Occupational Chair
Angela Dawson

Pharmacists Occupational Chair
Solmaz Naghsh

State Psychologists Occupational Chair
Yok Choi

Vocational Rehabilitation Occupational Chair
*Removed Renee Williams; this position is now unopposed*
Maria Rodriguez

Region VI (Central Valley) Chief Steward
Kalpana Singh

Region II (Shasta) Chief Steward
Cynthia Culp

Region XI (Stockton Area) Chief Steward
Victor Alday

Amir Jafarinejad
Rene Eller
Mireille Castan

Council 57 Delegate
Joseph Di Benedetto
Katie Franco
Yok Choi

A reminder that candidates are allowed one mailing to the membership before the election at the candidate’s expense.

There is a change in the election schedule: the deadline to request a paper ballot has been moved to 9/28/22 to allow more time for processing through the mail.

Please contact or call (844) 413-2929 to update your contact information or request a paper ballot.

Election Schedule:

Sept 21, 2022 12AM Elections Open (Paper Ballots Mailed)
Sept 28, 2022 Deadline for Paper Ballot Requests
Oct 11, 2022 9PM Elections Close (Electronic & Paper)
Oct 14, 2022 Results Announced (Run-off Announced If Needed)
Oct 27, 2022 12AM Run-off Elections Open (Paper Ballots Mailed)
Nov 2, 2022 Deadline for Run-off Paper Ballot Requests
Nov 11, 2022 9PM Run-off Elections Close
Nov 15, 2022 Run-off Results Announced

Please direct any questions to the Election Committee at

Nominations are OPEN

As of Thursday, August 25th, 2022, nominations for the following positions are open:

Northern Vice-President
Southern Vice-President

TRUSTEES:  3 total


Atascadero State Hospital Facility Chief Steward
Coalinga State Hospital Facility Chief Steward
Metropolitan State Hospital Facility Chief Steward
Napa State Hospital Facility Chief Steward
Patton State Hospital Chief Steward
Porterville Developmental Center Chief Steward

Chaplains Occupational Chair
Dietitians/Nutritionists Occupational Chair
Individual Program Coordinators Occupational Chair
Licensing Program Analysts Occupational Chair
Physical Medicine Occupational Chair
Pharmacists Occupational Chair
State Psychologists Occupational Chair
Rehabilitation Therapists Occupational Chair
Vocational Rehabilitation Occupational Chair
Social Workers Occupational Chair

Region 1 (Redwood Empire) Chief Steward
Region II (Shasta) Chief Steward
Region III (Sacramento/Stockton) Chief Steward
Region IV (Vacaville Area) Chief Steward
Region V (Bay Area) Chief Steward
Region VI (Central Valley) Chief Steward
Region VII (Central Coast) Chief Steward
Region VIII (Los Angeles County) Chief Steward
Region IX (Orange/Inland Empire) Chief Steward
Region X (San Diego/Imperial) Chief Steward
Region XI (Stockton Area) Chief Steward

The duties for these positions can be found in the AFSCME Local 2620 Constitution:

Please view the pdf linked here for important information regarding qualifications, requirements & procedures, rules of election campaigning, and the election schedule.

Send nominations by email to

Nominations close Wednesday, September 7, 2022 at 5PM

All elections will be conducted in accordance with the AFSCME International Constitution, Appendix D and the AFSCME Elections Manual. 

Steward Training for Southern Region on July 30, 2022 (IN-PERSON ONLY)

Greetings, AFSCME family,

Please join us for an Upcoming Steward Training:

Registration is still available

Date: Saturday, July 30, 2022
Time: 10:00am-4:00p.m.
Where: Burbank Marriott Hotel, Burbank, Ca

Participants will learn the following:

  • Role and Responsibilities of Stewards
  • Understanding Your Rights
  • How to Write a Grievance
  • Understanding Your Contract
  • Duty of Fair Representation

This training is for members in the Southern Region. (A northern training will be conducted in the near future.)

Spacing is limited to the first 50 participants.
Please rsvp with Lisa Trujillo at
You will receive a confirmation email of your participation.

In unity,

Cliff Leo Tillman, Jr.Senior Business Agent

AFSCME Council 57, Local 2620

AFSCME Essential Workers Deserve to Get Paid Now!!

Since the adoption of our new collective bargaining agreement, the Essential Worker meet and confer team has met multiple times to discuss strategy on how to proceed with negotiations. First, a request for information was submitted in December of 2021. Then, an initial demand letter to bargain was sent out in January 2022. We had our first bargaining session with the State on February 22nd, 2022. However, due to California State Guidelines not being established, there was not much progress made. A follow up request letter for information was submitted in March 2022.  After that letter was submitted, it was decided that a follow up demand to bargain letter with a deadline was the appropriate next step (click link to view letter). The meet and confer team is exploring all options that will continue to put pressure on Cal HR and the Governor’s office, including but not limited to strategizing with AFSCME Statewide Political Director and meeting with other AFSCME locals and chapters.

AFSCME’s position is that all Bargaining Unit 19 classifications shall receive the Essential worker pay/bonus and that the State retroactively pay Essential Worker pay bonuses back to when the pandemic first began, which is in line with what some city and county employees throughout the State have already received. AFSCME members should be on the lookout for eblast updates and possible surveys as we get further along in this process.

Please email to update your email address or reach out with any questions or comments.

Essential Worker Meet and Confer Team:

Daniel Lastinger
Doris Oberlander
Kenjie Nwosu
Renee Williams
Amir Jafarinejad
Juan Vazquez, Business Agent, Chief Spokesperson

New Bargaining Contract Is Now Available

Please view the new bargaining contract at this link: MOU BU19 July2023

The MOU is effective through July 1, 2023. You can also view and/or print the updated contract under the Resources tab on this website.

Hard copies are currently being printed; please contact your chief steward if you would like one.

If you have any questions, please reach out to President Shukimba at