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Facility Chief Steward Election Results


Official Ballot Results

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

Local 2620


Notice of Final Election Results for the following:

Facility Chief Stewards


The results are certified as follows:


Coalinga State Hospital

Kathleen Bowsher 17 (duly elected)
Debra Johnson 3
Baltazer Villarreal 4

Metropolitan State Hospital

Cyndrya Hopkins 14
Brian Kaufman 20 (duly elected)

Patton State Hospital

Darrel Charbaszcz 16 (duly elected)
Joseph Greene 14

October 01, 2018 The Elections Committee:


/S/ Lenaea Sanders, Chair, Northern Region

Rene Eller, Central Region

Foresteen Forbes, Southern Region

Cathy Sapata, Northern Region


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