Occupational Chair Election Results

Official Ballot Results

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

Local 2620


Notice of Final Election Results for the following:

Occupational Chairs

The results are certified as follows:


Licensing Program Analysts Occupational Chair

Belinda Devall      27 (duly elected)
Reggie Smith      3


Rehabilitation therapists Occupational Chair

Denise Nicks 38 (duly elected)
Wanda Wullschleger 26

State Psychologists Occupational Chair

Marie Bridgeford 15
Victor Pacheco 42 (duly elected)

Social Workers Occupational Chair

Donn Tamaki 25
Matt Tidd 30 (duly elected)


Vocational Rehabilitation Occupational Chair

Denise Dorsey 30 (duly elected)
Tiffany Freymiller 8
Dana Mitchell 7

October 01, 2018 The Elections Committee:


/S/ Lenaea Sanders, Chair, Northern Region

Rene Eller, Central Region

Foresteen Forbes, Southern Region

Cathy Sapata, Northern Region